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Yachts &



& Off-Shore corporations 

Our firm provides legal services to Yacht Owners, Charterers, Managers, Underwriters, Brokers and Builders with respect to all types of Yachts/Super-Yachts.
Whether you are a Yacht Owner, Builder, Buyer or Seller - our knowledge, knowhow and experience, both commercially and legally, as well as actual maritime command and seamanship experience, are second to none.
Registering a Yacht/Super-Yacht often involves the elementary yet vital uncertainties relating to the jurisdiction of the owning company; the flag (where to register), the classification society, etc.
Based on the firm’s broad experience, our team is able to provide the precise advice and the practical assistance on all relevant matters concerning the above mentioned issues, which may at times prove crucial for the continuance of the daily business and routine.
We are well practiced in registering Yachts/Super-Yachts in the U.K., Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Panama, Marshall Islands, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Georgia, BVI, U.S.A., Malta and others, including of course Israel.
We advise and provide Companies incorporation services in various jurisdictions we believe to be convenient and favourable, such as Gibraltar, Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, Jersey and others and naturally, Israel.
We provide the only “one stop shop” in Israel for anything related to acquiring, incorporating, registering and managing any kind of yacht or super yacht.
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