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Sale & Purchase

Ship Finance

The sale & purchase of Yachts/Super-Yachts and Ships often involve complex transactions, and include parties from different countries with differing mentalities and cultures, diverse systems of laws and Yachts’/Ships’ registries, all requiring regulation and transformation into a single executable contractual agreement.
Whether you are a Seller or a Buyer, our firm provides consultancy and legal services based on our vast experience in sale & purchase transactions and Yachts’/Ships’ registrations (see “off shore corporations and Yacht’s registration”).
Our firm handles numerous Yachts and Super-Yachts transactions on a regular and constant basis. Therefore, we are able to refer and coordinate technical consultancies, professional vessel inspections and surveys, to be conducted by experts in the field with whom we have well-established professional relations, thus providing the client with all the required services from start-to-finish (or from A to Z).
Our team is also involved in all aspects relating to Ship finance for our clients around the globe advising a diverse range of international clients. Our understanding of the market as well as the industry of ship-finance enables us to deliver a first class commercial/private solutions for our clients around the globe. Our knowledge and knowhow extends across a broad range of ship finance aspects, acting for Ship-Owners, Banks, Operators and leasing companies.
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