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Claims & recovery

Despite the widespread modern practices and means of transportation and the constant progression and improvements in cargo handling, damage to cargo as well as shortage and losses are still common occurrences worldwide, and are unfortunately, an inseparable risk involved with carriage of goods, no matter the transportation method.
Our firm offers wide-ranging services concerning cargo issues and claims, as well as collaboration with surveyors and adjusters and has a well-established reputation in this field representing both cargo interests as well as transporters and their P&I Clubs.
We regularly advise our clients on drafting bills of lading, charter-parties, way bills and consignment and booking notes.
The firm has been involved with most types of cargo, from general and bulk oil, grain to containerised cargo.
Our firm regularly acts for the benefit of cargo interests, insurers (both Israeli and International), shippers and receivers and provides all relevant services when determining cargo loss or damage, as well as legal advice and litigation of recovery actions in cargo claims.
Generally, recovery actions are handled by our firm are on a "no cure no pay" basis, thus preventing the client from “throwing good money over bad money” by incurring huge costs on futile recovery attempts.
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