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& Disputes

Chartering a vessel requires a specific knowledge and experience in the trade, without which, one may find himself far away from where he wanted to be.
"Blindly" or unprofessionally agreeing to Gencon 76 or Baltime, or AAAA, BBB, SHEX, WWD or similar "odd" expressions may result in disastrous consequences. 
Our firm is recognized as one of the leading firms in Israel exclusively dealing with charter-party, acting for Owners, Charterers and traders, and having a wide experience with and knowledge of all types of chartering a Vessel - Bareboat, Voyage and Time charters, as well as dry bulk and containerised cargoes, oil and gas.
Our firm has a vast experience in charter agreements and naturally in the handling of charter disputes, such as freight/hire disputes, demurrage, safe port, deviations, performance, force majeure risks, etc., whether in court, arbitration in London or elsewhere.
While advising on drafting charter-party terms, we give an invaluable perspective and  ability to foresee the problems that might arise and take measures to avoid it.
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